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This section is called Comics From Master and yeah, we know. Here you will find the latest news. If you think that the news are downright boring or rather unexciting, at best – well, that's a shame, you probably have never read the news about something that you actually are interested in. Our website, you know what our specialty is. It's nothing fancy, we are just the best goddamn porn website in the world. Porn comics or not, you can't duplicate our passion and our interest in everything and anything comic book related. We know that we end up patting ourselves on the back too much. It's not about us, it's about you and what you are interested in hearing about. The news that we put out here are all about the industry, about what's new in the world of comics/adult comics. We also would love to have your feedback, we want to know what you want to hear about. What kinds of news round-ups would you want to read in here? Maybe you want our reviews, concerning the latest releases? Maybe you need to hear what's new. Maybe you want to hear about the latest trends and what's "in" right now. Our website is all about web comics and, of course, this sense of community. We want you to feel like you belong, like your opinion matters – because it actually does. You need to get involved, we want to hear your opinion, we want this whole process to be interactive and fun for everyone involved. Hell, we will put out news not only about the site, we can write about our own daily lives and struggles, put it into PDF form so it's easier to digest. Back to subject: yes, that's the place where you will get all the news. From various journals, you know the deals. News about the community, the medium itself, new releases, our website and everything that we find interesting enough to share with you, our favorite visitor in the whole world. No kidding, in the end of the day, it's all about you, the fanbase – without feedback and comments, putting out content is boring and downright meaningless.

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