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Welcome to Comics Cocktail, a beautiful website to satisfy all of your adult comics cravings. If you do enjoy them, you will be able to appreciate the effort – most of the 3D comics and other drawn content we host here is exclusive, you won't it anywhere else. Our site is dedicated to all things drawn porn, and do you know why? Because there's nothing better than a good porn comic book. Mainstream porn right now is overly "safe" and boring, it's way too PC and overly micro-managed, you don't get this raw passion, this sense of unpredictability. Don't you miss the time when you felt like anything could happen in a porn clip, no matter how taboo it is? We do miss these times and that's why we turned to porn comics. With porn comics, hentai and porn games, there are no limits, the possibilities are truly endless. People come in here expecting fringe pornography and, boy oh boy, do we have some nice taboo content for you! First and foremost, people love incest comics. It's understandable, it's really taboo, it's really tempting – we also have incest games and incest hentai, just in case you will get tired with the comics. Speaking of all the things taboo, we also have some stuff depicting interracial sex (mildly taboo, but it's on a whole different level here), BDSM activities (prepare to wince a lot) and sex with monsters. Yeah, you read that right – not monster cocks, just straight-up monsters. The kind that hangs out under the bridge, the kind that asks you for a toll, anything and everything that could be consider a monster – incubi, succubi, goblins, orcs, your mom. You can read online comics here, you can download an entire siterip, enjoy some nasty 3D video. The choice is all yours. We also offer free download games, but that's worded poorly – free games to download. Different genres, different kinds of gameplay, everything that's uploaded on here gets a strong recommendation from us. You see a full siterip here, that means it's top-quality and we actually spent our time reading it, it was hot/fun/interesting. To make long story short – enjoy your stay, have fun, get freaky and read online comics. Tons of 'em.

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